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Palmetto Florida's Poison Ivy
Removal & Control Company

Don't let these noxious plants get in the way of your family fun outside. Contact our professional poison ivy removal service in Palmetto Florida and enjoy your time outside without worry.

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poison ivy removal comany Florida
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Poison Ivy Removal Company in Florida

Poison Ivy Control of Florida, a Poison Ivy Control & Removal Service in Manatee County Florida strives to give you the best in poison ivy and noxious plant removal. Our service is top-notch when it comes to taking a personal approach to your specific situation.

We offer a unique and cost efficient service that is worth the effort. Contact us today to schedule a consultation, you'll be happy you did.

Bad Ivy Guys provides services for many different problem areas such as residential homes, large estates, municipalities, home owners associations and more. We've helped many Florida residents and business owners in making their properties poison ivy free, and kept their customers, family and friends safe from that awful poison ivy itch.

From removing poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac and destructive vines, we do it all. Let our trained and professional technicians provide the solution you need.

Noxious Plant Removal

How do I Identify Poison Ivy?

We will address your poison ivy issue and offer a safe & economical solution including estimated costs, a method of treatment, and if any follow-up visits are necessary.

We are the professional poison ivy guys in Florida. Call today!

Poison Ivy Awareness & Identification: Leave the removal and control of these plants to the professionals. Poison ivy is a dangerous plant. It is not recommended to handle poison ivy, and under no circumstance should you burn it. It will create a poison gas which will put you in the hospital. Call us to handle it.

Poison Ivy Picture Gallery

Bad Ivy Guys website gallery of before and after pictures and plant identifications will help you to identify the plant. The gallery has helped many people recognize that they do have a poison ivy problem and has shown them that we are the guys to call.

We don't just destroy all the vegetation in and around the infected area, we target only the poison ivy and other noxious plants. We treat your property as if it were our own, and we will take great care to not harm your flowers or other vegetation.


Poison ivy berries are a favorite food of birds and the plant specie spreads to different areas in this way, These berries are the only part of the plant that do not contain urushiol, but they do carry the genetic code to reproduce the unpleasant oil and its effects!

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