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Palmetto Florida's Poison Ivy
Removal & Control Company

Don't let these noxious plants get in the way of your family fun outside. Contact our professional poison ivy removal service in Manatee County Florida and enjoy your time outside without worry.

Florida Company: 941-405-6537
Manatee County & Hillsborough County
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Poison Ivy Removal Services for Florida Residents

Our services include the removal of the following:

  • Poison Ivy & Poison Oak
  • Poison Sumac and a variety of other noxious plants.

We will identify the noxious plants on your property and remove them in a safe and efficient manor. Ongoing treatments may be necessary in some cases. All properties are different so our prices do vary slightly. Please contact us for a consultation and an approximate cost of solving your poison ivy problem.

Standard & Destructive Vine Removal

  • Grape Vines & Virginia Creeper
  • Buckthorn & Purple Loosestrife
  • Trumpet Vines & English Ivy
  • Wisteria Vine & Boston Ivy
  • and more...
  • We do offer brush clearing as well.

Scheduling a Poison Ivy Removal Consultation & Estimate

If you have a problem with poison ivy or any other noxious plant, please give us a call, or contact us by filling out our contact request form. Thank you, and we look forward to earning your business.

Florida residents, can you identify Poison Ivy?

Did you know poison ivy can grow like ground cover? Waxy or shiny leaves, red stems, poison ivy does not always have them, but lots of other plants do. The most effective way to identify poison ivy is to know that there is an inconsistency in the notches on the 3 leaves. They are usually not duplicates of each other, there are small differences on the same plant that will vary from leaf to leaf and/or cluster to cluster.

Florida Service Applications

  • Residential / commercial properties
  • Elementary schools / middle schools
  • City parks & playgrounds
  • Golf courses & pool areas
  • Condos & homeowner associations
  • Day cares & assisted living communities
  • Cemeteries & funeral homes
  • Municipalities
  • and more…

Why should you hire us?

Poison ivy can be extremely dangerous. Hundreds of people are hospitalized every year trying to remove it from their home or business. We are highly skilled in our field and have the knowledge & experience to remove all noxious plants in Florida. Be Safe! Don't put your family or friends at risk, let Florida's professional poison ivy removal service; The Bad Ivy Guys handle the problem.

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